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other products.The all natural ingredients make this Regenes Lift supplement safe to use. The cream is hugely used for removing dark circles and wrinkle problem. The ingredients used here are chemical free and clinically tested. So, use it without having any problem.It is now available on the company’s own site. The company offers a free trial. So use the free trial and then order your !!Scientifically designed to improve your skin cells, claims to moisturize and soften your skin, push wrinkles out, help fight the signs of aging, and maintain a healthy glo s special blend of ingredients also offer a safe alternative to painful (and expensive) injections, since they’ve been shown to provide an 82% reduction in wrinkle visibility and an 89% visible improvement, after just 4 weeks of daily use.That’s a lot of really big claims! Does t live up to the hype, or does it fall flat on its face?We’ll start with s first big red flag: pricing. can only be purchased through the company’s trial. You’ll pay $4.97 to cover S&H, and will be sent a full size bottle.After 12 days have passed (from the date you placed your order), you’ll be charged a whopping $139.97 for the full price of ! As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll also be sent a new bottle of the anti-aging cream once per month and charged $139.97 plus $9.97 S&H each time.Sure, comes with a 30-day refund policy, but this only applies to unopened bottles. This is also less S&H charges and a 35% restocking fee! http://www.lumagenexuk.co.uk/regenes-lift-cream/



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